East Kachess Lakeshore

Took a quick afternoon journey up and over Snoqualmie Pass, where we explored around the east side of Kachess Lake on the National Forest roads. The road on the east side of the lakeshore was cut right into the mountainside, about 20 to 100 ft above the water. The trees blocked most of the views, but a few openings made for some excellent views of the lake and opposing shoreline.

Some of the most amazing lakeside “cabins” I had ever seen were located along here. Isolated, a gorgeous view, and good enough access for some very nice places. Even had a strong 4G cell signal from here! Would make for an absolutely gorgeous spot to do some remote work from.

As is typical in the Cascade Mountains, there were plenty of waterfalls along the remote roads. The relaxing sounds of falling water and cool breezes mean stopping at these waterfalls is often enjoyable.

East Kachess Group Camp in the Wenatchee National Forest

There was a very nice lakeside group camp site that we came across along the way. There was a good size timber shelter with a big stone fireplace inside. Unfortunately the site was closed due to “dangerous trees”, so we did not get to explore. Next time maybe.

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