Washington State Parks

There are tons of State Parks in Washington spread all over the state. Visiting them all is a long term goal.

State Park NameLocation (County)Year EstablishedArea
Alta LakeOkanogan County1951181 acres
Anderson LakeJefferson County1969496 acres
Battle Ground LakeClark County1966275 acres
Bay ViewSkagit County192566 acres
Beacon RockSkamania County19354,464 acres
BelfairMason County195294 acres
Birch BayWhatcom County1954194 acres
Blake IslandKitsap County19591,127 acres
Blind IslandSan Juan County19703 acres
BogachielClallam County1931127 acres
Bottle BeachGrays Harbor County199364 acres
BridgeportOkanogan County1955622 acres
Bridle TrailsKing County1932489 acres
Brooks MemorialKlickitat County1944682 acres
Cama BeachIsland County1989486 acres
Camano IslandIsland County1949173 acres
Cape DisappointmentPacific County1950s2,023 acres
Centennial TrailSpokane County198637 miles (60 km)
Clark IslandSan Juan County196455 acres
Columbia HillsKlickitat County20033,338 acres
Columbia Plateau TrailAdam County1991130 miles (210 km)
ConconullyOkanogan County194597 acres
CrawfordPend Oreille County192140 acres
Curlew LakeFerry County195987 acres
Cutts IslandPierce County19692 acres
DarogaDouglas County1981127 acres
Dash PointKing County1962398 acres
Deception PassIsland County19233,854 acres
Doe IslandSan Juan County19677 acres
DosewallipsJefferson County19541,064 acres
Doug’s BeachKlickitat County379 acres
Eagle IslandPierce County5 acres
Federation ForestKing County19491,667 acres
Fields SpringAsotin County1930826 acres
Flaming GeyserKing County1960s503 acres
Forks of the SkySnohomish20101,300 acres
Fort CaseyIsland County1955999 acres
Fort ColumbiaPacific County1950618 acres
Fort EbeyIsland County1965651 acres
Fort FlaglerJefferson County19551,451 acres
Fort SimcoeYakima County200 acres
Fort TownsendJefferson County1953413 acres
Fort WordenJefferson County1971432 acres
Ginkgo Petrified ForestKittitas County19357,124 acres
Goldendale ObservatoryKlickitat County19735 acres
Grayland BeachPacific County1969581 acres
Griffiths-Priday OceanGrays Harbor County364 acres
Harstine IslandMason County195367 acres
Hope IslandMason County106 acres
Hope IslandSkagit County200 acres
Ike KinswaLewis County1963421 acres
IllaheeKitsap County193482 acres
Iron HorseKittitas County, King County1980s1,612 acres
James IslandSan Juan1964113 acres
Jarrell CoveMason County195367 acres
Joemma BeachPierce County1961122 acres
Jones IslandSan Juan County1983188 acres
Joseph WhidbeyIsland County112 acres
Kanaskat-PalmerKing County320 acres
Kinney PointJefferson County67 acres
Kitsap MemorialKitsap County194963 acres
KopachuckPierce County109 acres
Lake ChelanChelan County1942139 acres
Lake EastonKittitas County697 acres
Lake IsabellaMason County188 acres
Lake SammamishKing County1950512 acres
Lake SylviaGrays Harbor County1936233 acres
Lake WenatcheeChelan County492 acres
LarrabeeWhatcom County19152,748 acres
Leadbetter PointPacific County19741,732 acres
Lewis and ClarkLewis County1922616 acres
Lewis and Clark TrailColumbia County36 acres
Lime Kiln PointSan Juan County198442 acres
Lincoln RockDouglas County198186 acres
Lyons FerryFranklin County1971168 acres
Loomis LakePacific County385 acres
ManchesterKitsap County111 acres
MaryhillKlickitat County197281 acres
Matia IslandSan Juan County1959145 acres
McMicken IslandMason County222 acres
MillersylvaniaThurston County1921903 acres
MoranSan Juan County19215,424 acres
Mount PilchuckSan Juan County19571,903 acres
Mount SpokaneSpokane County192712,293 acres
Mystery BayJefferson County197218 acres
NolteKing County1972117 acres
Obstruction PassSan Juan County200576 acres
Ocean CityGrays Harbor170 acres
OlallieKing County19502,329 acres
Olmstead PlaceKittitas County1968221 acres
Pacific BeachGrays Harbor17 acres
Pacific PinesPacific County10 acres
Palouse FallsFranklin County, Whitman County195194 acres
Paradise PointClark County1958101 acres
Patos IslandSan Juan County1974207 acres
Peace ArchWhatcom County193120 acres
Pearrygin LakeOkanogan County19591,186 acres
Penrose PointPierce County165 acres
Peshastin PinnaclesChelan County199134 acres
Pleasant HarborJefferson County19551 acre
Posey IslandSan Juan County19601 acre
PotholesGrant County773 acres
PotlatchMason County57 acres
Rainbow FallsLewis County1935129 acres
RasarSkagit County1984180 acres
Reed IslandClark County427 acres
RiversideSpokane County193311,162 acres
RockportSkagit County1961632 acres
Rothschild HouseJefferson County0.5 acres
SacajaweaFranklin County1931267 acres
Saddlebag IslandSan Juan County197426 acres
Saint EdwardKing County1980319 acres
SaltwaterKing County137 acres
Scenic BeachKitsap County1963121 acres
SchaferMason County1924122 acres
SeaquestCowlitz County1945505 acres
Sequim BayClallam County193692 acres
Shine TidelandsJefferson County1967249 acres
Skagit IslandSkagit County25 acres
Skull IslandSan Juan County3.7 acres
South Whidbey IslandIsland County1963381 acres
Spencer SpitSan Juan County1967200 acres
Spring Creek HatcherySkamania County10 acres
Squak MountainKing County19721,545 acres
SquilchuckChelan County1952249 acres
Steamboat RockGrant County19723,522 acres
Steptoe BattlefieldWhitman County19503 acres
Steptoe ButteWhitman County1946150 acres
Stretch PointMason County19678 acres
Stuart IslandSan Juan County1952433 acres
Sucia IslandSan Juan County677 acres
Sun Lakes – Dry FallsGrant County19333,774 acres
TolmieThurston County1962154 acres
Triton CoveJefferson County199030 acres
Turn IslandSan Juan County195934 acres
TwanohMason County1923188 acres
Twenty-Five Mile CreekChelan County1972232 acres
Twin HarborsGrays Harbor County1937225 acres
Wallace FallsSnohomish County19711,380 acres
Wenatchee ConfluenceChelan County197 acres
Westport LightGrays Harbor County560 acres
Yakima SportsmanYakima County1945266 acres
Washington State Parks