Olallie State Park

Trip Date: August 22nd, 2021

Went out for a Sunday afternoon explore up the I-90 corridor with Mom and Emma and wound up stopping in at Olallie State Park to look around. Olallie State Park is a just a a quick drive up Interstate 90 from the hustle and bustle that is the Seattle Metroplex.

Weeks Falls on the South Fork Snoqualmie River

Snaking through the middle of the park is the South Fork Snoqualmie River with numerous water falls as the river descends down towards the Puget Sound. The water levels were low today with many rocks in the riverbed sitting high and dry.

After a short drive down a gravel road we stopped at a tiny parking lot and looked up-stream towards the Weeks Falls Viewpoint. The waterfall is situated just upriver from a small hydroelectric powerplant creating power from the riverflow.

Gravel Road to Weeks Falls Trailhead & Viewpoint
Hydropower from the South Fork Snoqualmie River

From the South Fork Picnic Area there are some great views of the surrounding mountains extending high above the river valley. An outstanding rocky outcropping without tree cover is visible to the south, where it extends up 100s of feet towards the mountain top.

The weather in the mountains today was overcast with the clouds flirting through the trees on the surrounding mountaintops, making for some nice photograph opportunities.

There are numerous hiking trails up into the mountains that start from the trailheads in the state park. I’ll have to visit here again and do some exploring by foot p the mountain trails.

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