Summer Evening at Chinook Pass

Trip Date: September 1st, 2021

Yakima Peak Overlooking Tipsoo Lake in the Summer Evening Sunlight

Another quick summer evening trip up to Chinook Pass in Mount Rainier National Park to checkout the scenery. Driving through the National Park with Mom and Emma is always an enjoyable way to end a long workday. The light conditions were excellent this evening so had to take some photographs while we were at the pass.

Steam and Sunrays on Mount Rainier

To the south of the pass lies Naches Peak with a mix of rocky outcrops, standing evergreen trees and bare grass meadows. There is moderate loop trail around the peak that I need to accomplish one of these days. No dogs allowed on trails in the National Park, so I’ll have to plan a solo trip one evening without the dog.

Naches Peak standing above the pass on a clear summer evening

We stopped and took in the sweeping view to the east at the parking lot just past Chinook Pass overlooking the start of the valley formed by the American River. There was a bit of a smoke layer in the distance from the nearby Schneider Springs forest fire, but the overall view was spectacular.

Fireweed Overlook the American River Valley from Chinook Pass
Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium) at elevation of 5400′ in the Wenatchee National Forest

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