Chinook Pass with Early Snow

Trip Date: October 23rd, 2021

It is becoming a yearly tradition for Danny and I to get in one last trip up to Chinook Pass in the late fall season, before it closes for the long months of winter and spring (Passes closed on Nov. 6th, 2021 for Winter Season). This year, we visited the pass in late October and were treated with a light dusting of snow on the landscape, with active snowfall occurring at the top of the pass. There were a few other folks up at the upper Chinook Pass parking lots, out enjoying the mountain snow today.

Parking Lot at Upper Chinook Pass with a Light Layer of Snow

The contrast of the white snow highlights and dark shadows of the snow covered the landscape around Tipsoo Lake made for a great winter scene. Winter hiking gear would have been a great thing to bring along, but this was just a quick trip with Danny and Emma. Regardless, a few snapshot photographs from the roadside pullouts were enough to capture the feel of the winter scene up in the Wenatchee National Forest today.

Evergreens at Chinook Pass Looking Prepared for Winter

Both Chinook pass and Cayuse Pass close for the winter season, typically remaining closed until late spring or early summer, sometimes open by Memorial Day, but often later. It is a large task every spring season for the road crews to get the snow cleared off and road infrastructure repaired in time for the summer season. These are some epic mountain passes, so it is great that they are able to keep them open every summer.

Tipsoo Lake Landscape with an Early Taste of Winter Snows

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