Opening Weekend Over Chinook Pass (2022)

Trip Date: June 12th, 2022

Tall Pines Standing on the Shores of Bumping Lake

This year, Chinook pass opened for summer travel on Friday, June 10th, 2022. We were excited to get out and travel over the pass on opening weekend.

Panoramic View of Hwy 410 over Chinook Pass

Highway 410 over the pass provides convenient highway access between Enumclaw, WA and Yakima, WA, with world-class scenery in-between. The Washington Department of Transportation tries to have the pass cleared and opened by the Memorial Weekend, but late snows and unusually cool days meant they did not get the pass open until mid-June. Text

Spring Snowpack on Naches Peak at Chinook Pass

On our day-trip today the destination was Bumping Lake, one of our favorite destinations to conveniently access in the Cascade Mountains. Today the air was a bit cool and the clouds were grey, perfect for an early summer jaunt out in the mountains.

Cascade Mountains from the Shores of Bumping Lake

It was still early in the season, and the typical summer crowds at the Bumping Lake campground and day use area had not yet made their appearance. Besides the pair of fishermen out on their canoe , it felt like we had the lake to ourselves.

Day Use Area at USFS Bumping Lake Campground

The wet spring season has produced a forest color is particularly vibrant this year. The contrast between the dark tree bark and light moss growing on some of the pine trees made for some photogenic detail shots.

Bright Colored Moss on Dark Pine Bark

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