Prospector Ridge in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Trip Date: August 10, 2020

Went for a weekday afternoon explore in the area behind Mount Si, traveling back into a less frequented area of the Snoqualmie National Forest, southwest of Skykomish, WA. We started the drive from North Bend, WA and traveled North, quickly turning off onto a gravel road into the forest.

After a long drive through lots of private forest and mountains, we finally crossed the boundary into the National Forest. We turned up the Lennox Creek valley, passing directly past the base of an absolutely ENORMOUS rock cliff wall, below Little Kid mountain. On the opposite side of the road was also a very steep ridgeline, called Prospector Ridge. Despite only being about an hour drive, we really were in a deep part of the Cascade Mountains.

Our drive terminated at an old bridge on the road that was no longer passable. The bridge was a true relic of the past, with the main bridge beams being two huge sections of tree trunk easily spanning the creek; tree sections were easily 8 foot diameter or more. Looking at the map, the road and valley floor made a big notch in the map, protruding a good ways into the Alpine Lake Wilderness area. Watch the youtube video below to see aerial views using the freestyle quad.

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