Saltwater State Park

Trip Date: June 4th, 2021

A quick afternoon hike with Emma the Dog on the North and South Rim trails at Saltwater State Park. The Rim Trails link up to form a roughly two mile easy hike along the terrain adjacent to the McSorley Creek Bed. There is ample greenery and the trail surface was well prepared along the rim trails . A few foot bridges over side creeks and well prepared steps on areas of sloping terrain made for easy walking this evening. Passing along and above the campsite area, it appeared that most of the campsites on the west end of the park were no longer in use. However, about a dozen sites were available for camping, with quite a few occupied this evening by various types of campsite occupants.

We visited today on a spring weekday evening when most of the park goers were down at the beach area, enjoying the views and swimming in the Puget Sound. After our hike we walked down to the beach and got a few views of the sound, before moving up to the Bluffs area to get some more photos from a higher vantage point. The evening sunlight on the clouds was excellent at the end of the hike this evening, and I got a photographs of the lightshow in the clouds.

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